– Hi family!Welcome back, thank you
so much for being here. We are in our five areas of health seriesand today is the letter E for exercisein the acronym D. R. E. S. S. . I’m really excited for today’s videobecause I’m not here
to show you a workout,so much as I hope this scenario ends upbeing like an I teach a man to fishand feed him for a lifetime sort of event. So my goal at the end of this videois that you have new or extra informationthat helps you apply
it to your own workoutsand make you more productive
with better resultsand better efficiency. So if you’re new to exerciseand all this seems really
confusing cuz it’s a lotand I’ve tried to simplify
this as much as possible,but if you feel like
you need an extra boostor extra information in
how to understand thisand how to fit it all together,I will tell you about a PDFthat we had put together years ago,like when I was still pregnant ,but I will make it
accessible in our websiteand then just stick around
until the end of the videoto get more information on that. So before I get started into this,I really want to say that
whether or not exerciseor working out is your thing,when it comes to the five areas of health,you still need to move on a regular basis. So if you don’t like
working out or exercising,find something that you do like,whether it’s dancing or going for a walkor hiking or biking or swimming. Find something that gets you to movebecause it’s a part of our biology. It’s what we were meant to do. And you’re gonna have lots
more energy, balanced hormones,relief of stress, you’re
gonna sleep better,and it’s just gonna overallmake you feel happier and healthier. So let’s get started. The two main topics I’m gonna cover todayis the seven basic body movements. Because in body movements
or body weight exercises,you don’t need a gym membership. You don’t need exercise equipment. You can do this right from homeand as long as you’re doing
it with really good form,it should be really effective for you. And then I’m also going to coverthe seven basic or main variables
of exercise programming. And that’s what’s going to
help you from plateauing,keep away from plateauing. It’s gonna help you make your
exercises really effectiveand combine with the seven
basic body movements,hopefully it can help save
you some time and moneyin hiring a personal trainer, et cetera. I’m not saying that
personal trainers are bad,or workout routines or a
memberships and stuff are not good,I think they’re really helpful
and they have their place. But if you are just getting started,this is a really great place to do so. So the seven basic body
movements are going to startwith a squat. And any variation of a squat,whether it’s a full squat,
whether it’s a deadlift. All of these exercises are coveredin that PDF that I talked aboutand there’s, I think we
listed about 60 of emso again we can talk about that later. But squat is one basic body movement. Lunges is going to be the
secondary basic body movement. So again any form of lunges,
whether it’s a front lunge,a back lunge, a static
lunge, a curtsy lunge. And then you’re gonna have push. Which as we know can be pushups. We can do also push with cables. You can push with dumbbells
laying down, bench presses. Those kind of pushes. Cable rows, our cable presses,or punches, whatever you wanna call those. You’re gonna have pulls, too,
and things like bicep curls,and I know we said body weight,but if you have any sort of pull movement,it’s a little bit more
difficult with body weight. So this is the only one where you can addsome water bottles if
you don’t have weightsor some resistance loop
bands which are really cheap. You can find so many of those on Amazon. But anything that you’re
pulling like this,rowing, all of these are pulls. Basically the movement
is pulling the weighttowards your bodyversus pushing your weight
away from your body. So we’ve got squat, lunge, push, and pull. We’re gonna have bends, which
is going to cover thingslike straight legged dead
lifts, morning glories. This will also cover your crunching,so any sort of situps that you haveor what’s it called, leg lifts. And then we will also have
twist, so Russian twist. Everybody knows the chops. So any movement where
you’re bring the weightacross your body. And then lastly you have gait. And gait is anything that
is basically in motion. You’re moving. So you’re running, you’re
skipping, you’re hopping. You’re in motion. So I know that’s
really fast to cover it alland there’s a lot of different
exercises that can fitin each of those categories. What you’re gonna find
is that most exercises,unless it’s a dynamic one,but most single movement exercises,are going to fit into
one of those categories,whether you’re doing it body
weight or with equipment. And the idea is in order to
get a fully well-balanced,well-rounded exercise routine,you have to tackle each
body movement regularly. And a lot of people might think,well I’m trying to bulk up my legsor I’m just trying to bulk up my arms. This is a common question
that I had from my clients,is they don’t want to do
their legs cuz they’re afraidit’s gonna bulk up more and
ya know they seem uneven. But oftentimes, the reason
people find themselves unevenin their workouts is because
their body is out of balance. So you want to make sure that
you’re improving all areas,and they’re all relatively
on the same level. Which a. k. a. means focus
on your weaknesses. So the next topic that I wanna get in toare the variables of exercise programming. And what that means is there
are a number of variablesthat go in to an exercise
that you want to changeon a regular basis in
order to avoid plateauand in order to maximize the
efficiency of your workouts. This is what personal trainers do. It’s what makes our results so good. And it’s also why people who
tend to workout on their homeand have a set workout routinetend to plateau or not
get as good of a resultas other people who are going to the gymor are part of an exercise program. So there are many more variablesthan what I’m gonna tell you today,but these seven are what I focus on. And if you notice that
your workout routineis getting a little staleor you feeling like
you’re not seeing resultslike you used to when you first started,maybe try changing some of these up. The first one is exercise. We talked about body movementsand we’re applying exercise to that. That means the type of
movement you’re doing. Be it a squat, a pushup,
a lunge, et cetera. The next is how many reps
and sets you’re gonna do. And those actually count as
two, but I plug em in to one. We all know this. This is kind of basic
exercise structuring. I’m gonna do ten pushups
and then take a break. So that’s ten reps. You take a break. And then I’m gonna do that ten-rep cyclea few more times and each of those cyclesare considered a set. The next variable is going to be weight. If you add weight or you
have any sort of resistancethat’s gonna make a
huge difference as well. And so is tempo or speed. I like to clump this with intensitybecause I’m about being
intense no matter what. Even if you’re speed is very slow,I think you need to put your whole body,your whole heart, and your
whole mind in to every movement,in order to really maximize
the results of that movement. And a lot of people tell me,
Marin, if somebody’s lazy,and looking at the TV,
putting their mind into itisn’t going to make it better or worse. Well I don’t believe it
because it’s not the resultsthat I’ve gotten with myself
and with my own clients. I think there is a
minimum amount of effortor energy that needs to be put
into completing a movement. Like let’s say a bicep curl. If we’re all curling three
pounds, there’s a minimum amountof energy or force that
needs to take it up here,against gravity. But if I’m doing thisit’s like very floppy
and very not whole body. It’s just me waving this weight around. And first of all it’s
not good for our form,but it’s not going to be effectiveas if I were standing like this. So I’m putting my whole body into it. My whole body is flexing from the coreall the way up to the shoulder
and the biceps of my arm. And that’s going to get you
such better results than this. And if you don’t believe me,go ahead and pick up a
couple water bottles,and just do this for like 20
easy reps, or 10 easy reps,and then put your whole body into it. Controlling it all the way through. Really gripping that weightor whatever it is you have in your hand. And you’ll notice you’re gonna feela lot more sore right away. So I really think intensity
or where your mind goes,makes a huge difference,but tempo’s also gonna
make a huge difference. So is it fast like that?Are you going very slow?Or are you just static?Is it going to be isolatedand just holding a movement, for example?Those things need to changeand they work the muscle
differently, but most of all,they keep your body guessing. They keep it on point. So range is another. So we talked about squatting,
which is a normal squat. And this range is about half range. You’re all the way up, halfway down. And then full range. And so these ranges
make a difference, too,because you’re working your
muscle a little bit differently. And this is often why a lot
of people have knee pain,lower back pain, because we
tend to move with our kneesin this upper range. But how many of you guys
find yourself squattingall the way down here on a regular basis?How many of you do this on a
regular basis or can do this?Many of you will find
that it might be difficultor uncomfortable and some
of us can’t even do it. And the reason is because
our chairs are here. Our computers are here. Our toilets are here. Our stairs are right here. All in this upper range. So it’s important to
find that balance, again,so that we can get the
greatest efficiency and resultsout of our movements. Next the amount of rest you takein between each of your sets
or each of your repetitionsis obviously going to make a difference. And lastly the amount of
frequency that you exerciseor that you put your body into motion. So if I’m going to apply
all these principlesto let’s just say curls. Day one, we can just keep
exercise being curls. So it doesn’t mean you
have to change all of them,all at once, it just means
that the variables haveto be changing regularly. So let’s just keep our exercises,which is the curls, the same. So day one, I might do 10 repetitions,just like this with these
three pound weights. And the tempo is one second each. One. Two. And it’s a full range, three, see? Four, and then after I do ten, let’s just pretend I did ten,I’m gonna take a break for 30 secondsand do ten more the same way. If I wanna change it up the next time,let’s say my frequency is
every week I tag my biceps. So next week I wanna change
this up, I’ll still do curls,but let’s go ahead and
make these outer curls. Let’s go ahead and make the
range right here at the bottom. And let’s increase the tempo just Nice fast tempo and rather than ten reps,I’ll do this fast tempo
controlled for 30-50 reps. And then I’ll rest and do three sets. So as you can see, our
exercise stays the same,the rest and sets stayed the same. The weight has stayed the same too,but the reps as well as
the tempo has changed. And that is all it takes. You just need to change a coupleor a few different variables
every single time you work out. And your body won’t plateau
and you should find yourselfwith really good results. And I really hope all of that
came together and made sense. So the idea is try to get
your whole body regularlyin all, and to do this, you utilize allof the seven basic body movements,and try to change up at
least two or three variablesevery time you exercise
in the exercise program. And if you need more information,or you wanna get a head start,or have like help getting off the groundand really seeing how this looksin your own workout routine,then you can check out our PDF. I’ll link it below and
hopefully that helps. If you guys have any questions,
of course, leave em hereor hit me up on social mediaor on my contact page on the website. And lemme know how it goes. If any of this is confusing
we can revisit this again,but I hope it was simple
enough for those of you thatare already exercising, can
really apply, and make it feellike it’s improved your workout routine dramatically. So thank you guys so much for being here. If you like this video,
please give it a thumbs up,and I will see you guys in the next video. Bye!


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