I’m a self-improvement junkie and I love
taking online courses and I’ve gottenthis question a lot, are udemy
courses worth it? And so I’m gonna deepdive into if you udemy courses are worth
it? And if so, what subjects are worthtaking and what criteria you can use to
determine if you’ll get your money andyour time’s worth out of courses on
udemy. com? Let’s check it outJohn Crestani here, I run a internet
business I’m an internet entrepreneurand I’ve been running my own business
online for many years now I have noemployees and I am a learning junkie. I
love learning and it’s it’s really thereason why I’ve been able to be able to
work for myself and become skilled andwhat I do which is you know add analysis
and you know copywriting and blah blahblah. But the point being udemy’s come
on my radar because they have such aplethora of courses they’ve I believe
thousands of online courses on there. And I’ve gotten questions from people ask me
you know “are udemy courses worth it?”and I’ve wondered that same thing. It’s
hard to pass judgments on so manycourses because udemy has thousands
of courses. And I’ve been throughvery very very few courses on udemy just
a couple. So keep in mind that myjudgments and my opinions on udemy are
limited to a few courses. But what I canalso give you is from my research. Okay?
How to pick the best courses to takeonline. And that’ll kind of explain my
reasoning about why my thoughts on udemyare as such. So first off I want to
separate kind of I want to make reallyclear distinction between two major
subjects. Here there’s kind of what Icall like life subjects and then there’s
business subject. Life subjects arethings such as cooking or you know how
to cook a good hamburger or how torepair your house or how to edit photos
etc. A lot of these courses don’t necessarily
pertain to hard results and then there’sbusiness which is pertains to learning
how to make money. And there are a lot ofcourses on udemy that are focused on
business and specifically sales andmarketing courses on udemy they’re there
quite a bit of so that’s kind of one ofthe reasons why I separated these two
subjects because they’re very differentin what their outcomes are. So first let
me address life subjects. I don’t takeany courses on dancing or or you know
cooking or any of these life subjects. SoI don’t have much to rate them on but
what I can tell you is udemy has a greatso many courses it’s it seems to be
really good for a lot of subjects thatare just kind of life subjects. I know
they show you how to do pet care, how todo health, how to do Fitness, how to edit
photos and a lot of these specificsubjects around life or different like
kind of soft skills, I think are veryhelpful. I haven’t personally been
through the courses, but from what I’veseen no other places offer courses or do
they offer courses as cheap as udemydoes. Udemy essentially discounts all of
their courses and offers all of theircourses for something around ten dollars
okay? So if you are not buying a udemycourse for ten dollars, just wait a day
and they will discount the course to tenor eleven or twelve dollars it’s really
that easy. I see like courses that are like two
hundred dollars and they’ll be going forten dollars. So it’s kind of crazy. The
next subject is business subject. Manypeople nowadays at least many of people
subscribing to my channel are looking towork for themselves or looking to work
from home so understanding if your goalis to make money and work from home,
that’s the results you want from acourse as you want to learn how to make
more money. Now unfortunately from whatI’ve seen on udemy it really doesn’t do
very well in these subjects such asmaking money and working for yourself
okay. The reason is I look at a fewdifferent criteria. The first thing I
look at is does this teacherthat I’m learning from have what I want
to have? Am i learning from somebody thatis you know in my case I wanted to learn
from people who were multi millionaires?Am i learning from somebody who is a
multi millionaire? or are they anemployee for a company? You know just
trying to show up on search results forsomething. More often than not I found
that the business instructors are notparticularly successful.
They’re usually employees for for somesort of corporation or they are udemy
instructor you know they’re paid to putup courses on udemy and they don’t
actually have success making money doingthat. If I wanted to learn how to be
successful on Amazon, I want to learnfrom somebody who made their first
million doing Amazon not teaching Amazon. Not somebody who worked for Amazon. I
want to learn from somebody who actuallymade money by running an Amazon business
themselves. And unfortunately I don’t seea lot of those people on udemy.
I think udemy courses are worth it ifyou are taking a life kind of subject or
if you’re learning photography or videoediting or some of these other skills.
But if you’re trying to learn how towork for yourself, I don’t think udemy does very well in that subject theother sad part about udemy that I’ve
noticed is again I mentioned thediscounting beforehand I am an
instructor I am an online teacher that’sone of the businesses I’m in about half
of my income comes from teaching othershow to be affiliate markers. I would
never put my course on udemy and theproblem is udemy has created a horrible
platform for supporting creators andteachers like myself. Because first off
you have no control over who who buysyour course or who who what you can sell
your course for. You don’t actually evenget direct access to your students. If
you want to talk to your students youneed to message them through udemy. So udemy in essence is owning your studentbase and they determine what they sell
your knowledge and your programs for. That’s not very friendly to teachers and
for teachers and business subjects, Iwant to be able to speak to my students
I want to be you know learning how tomake money online is a very serious and
frustrating process and to be able towork closely with my students is very
important so not having that control oraccess is a huge mark against udemy and
I frankly don’t see why so many peopleuse this company in the first place.
Now if you learn something from thisvideo, hopefully, you took something away
from this or hopefully I helped you outin some way. Leave a like, subscribe to my
channel hit that notification bell andleave a comment for me if you agree with
me let me know if you’ve taken to udemycourse let me know if you agree or you
disagree in the comments belownow all of these are my own opinions but
I’d love to hear from other people whohave taken courses from udemy what your
thoughts are in the comments agree withme or totally disagree with me and let
me know why talk to you soon


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