– Great for all levels. It is perfect if you’re just starting outand wanting to learn how to lift weights,this is the perfect class to come to. – Good morning guys. Twenty-ninth of October, 2019. It is week three, day two, Tuesdayof our training adventureshere on Fitness Street slash
Sutai Phuket, Thailand. Robyn Whale— Good Morning guys. – Is with us, thanks for joining us. If you haven’t seen the
previous videos of the seriesgo and check them out. Day in the life series here. Training adventures in these
fitness camps here in Thailand. It is eight o’clock in the morning. We’ve just finished our little coffee,wake up at Coco ville. Were staying at Coco ville for a week. We’ll do a proper walking
tour of that little resortin a coming video. But just for the information,
Coco ville’s actually,pretty much, off Fitness Street. And it’s a popular place to stayif you’re looking training
at Unit 27 or even Tiger. But there’s quite a few
Unit guys who stay there. So, as you can hear,there’s guys already
bashing away at the bagsat eight o’clock in the morning. So, training starts early here. Here we go, so Robs’s got
a little training sessionat eight thirty this morning. We’ll give ya some highlightsand then this afternoon
we’re off to Titan Fitnessto do some classes. I’m doing the strength
and technique class. And the spinning core?- Yes. – And spinning core. Anyway, we’ll give you the
details of the classes laterbut we’ll show you the highlights. And we’ll show you the
restaurants and places we eatbetween those places
that we go and train at. So, let’s make this training day happen. We prove our training adventures
here on Fitness Streetback at Tiger Muay Thai for a one offstrength and conditioning class,eight thirty in the morning. I think it’s called Strong
Man, strong man all levelson the programme. But the whole idea of this videois to give you some highlightsand show you want this class is all about. So if you decide to
come to fitness paradiseyou’ll know exactly what to expect. So, it is a fresh, quarter
past eight in the morning. Class will start in fifteen minutes. I believe Joy is teaching the class. I’ll link up her details, if
you wanna do coaching with her. I’m sure she does one on one coaching. If not, you wanna contact her
and if you have any questionsI’ll, you know, link up the detailsand things like that. But, anyway, I’m doing
this video just to help youmake a decision about what this,whether you should do this
class or not for yourselfand see what it’s all about. So, it is already quite warm, guys. Just push the button on the cameraand I’m already almost
sweating like crazy. I’ve done nothing. But they’ve already started
the Muay Thai classes here. They start at eight o’clock in the morningand run till ten. Two hour sessions. But, over there is where
they’re doing the class,right through that area in there. Anyway, I’ll take you in
there without blabbering awayand show you want this class is all about. See you very soon. – Bend your elbows!Bend your elbows, there,
there, there there! There we go. Good job, good job. Keep going. – This guy’s so inspiring. He’s had surgery on his spineand he’s doing front
squats at that weight. I’m, I mean, I’m very inspired by that. I have had a back injury early this yearand I’m still scared to get
back into proper squats. Dude, he’s a machine this guy. Always got a smile on his face, this guy. – It was only the warm up. – It’s just the warm up. Good day guys,just finished a strength
and conditioning classhere with Joy, the trainer for the classhere at Tiger Muay Thai Phuket, Thailand. – CrossFit Chalong. – That’s the one. – We’re having a competition
February 22, 2020,if anybody wants to
come to a CrossFit comp. – Now, for anyone at home watchingthat’s wanted to come here and trainand they’re thinking
about joining this classis it for them?- Great for all levels. It is perfect if you’re just starting outand wanting to learn how to lift weightsthis is the perfect class to come to. – And she’s a great trainer as well guys. I’ll link up the details,
if you have any questions,over to this lady here. Otherwise, check out the
other videos in the series. I cover the whole street. If you have any other questions,
not related to this class,ask me. – Yeah, awesome!- All right guys, see ya later. Have a good one, bye. – Hey my friends, quick
little debrief, Titan Fitness. Now, it is quarter past
eleven in the morning,it is Tuesday. It’s our second day here
training at Titan Fitness. This one actually did
the cross training classthis morning at ten, nine am?- Nine, nine. – Nine till ten am. I caught the last ten minutes of it. I’ll clip that in actually. What did you do, like a little
circuit of dead lifting and— We did a circuit of dead liftingand then burpees over the bar.
– Skip rope and burpees. – And then butterfly
sit ups and then skipping. – I missed that, thankfully. – It was pretty intense.
– I saw that, yep. – Cause it really taught you
the dead lift in the beginning. It was nice.
– Okay,they taught you the technique?- Yeah, properly. – So I roll up and I did the body,and she did body, she did
the class straight after. If you look at the
schedule on their website. She did the class right after, Body 360,from eleven till twelve?What time is it?- No, it’s ten. So nine to ten, ten to eleven. – So she did two back to back classes. This little machine. But, anyway, so Body 360 amazing. We did it yesterday,
see yesterday’s videos,a little highlight reel. Nice little warm up. We ran around the block, here. Hey guys, quarter past ten,just starting the Body 360
class at Titan Fitness. It’s damn hot. We just started the class so no doubtwe’re gonna die by the end of it, so. Really, really incredible and
that was a good little warm upand then we did five stations
of like, fitness couple goals. – When we went there were like
three or four on a stationwe ended up in our own station. So we were being really goofy. – And we were just switching
cameras like a baton. – And sprint,
sprint, sprint, sprint, sprint. – Like who’d pass the baton. So she’d film me and I’d film— One of the instructors
sat on top of him. – Yeah, he sat on my back. – When he was doing mountain
climb, what are they called?- Mountain climbers.
– Yeah they were. – Yeah, mountain climbers, yeah. Really, really rad.
– Yeah. – Yeah, just a really cool little circuitjust to get the heart rate up. Full body workout. Everyone, like all shapes,
everyone’s here, like,from the beginning of the fitness journeyto like, you know, I guess
I’m like half way through. I’m still, I mean I’m still learning. – Oh man, you’re always learning. All the time. – You’re always learning. We’re not like, I’m not an expert. I’m just doing this for fun, you know?- And also here, at Titan,
they make it really fun. They actually tease each
other in the beginning. And then they, like, make everyone laugh. It’s like super chill. – Yeah, the trainers have a
really good sense of humour. Like, you know humour back
and forth to tease each other. And so they make everyone feel welcomeand it’s for everyone, you know?- It’s a really nice
environment, for everyone,beginners to even advanced.
– Absolutely. Yeah, especially, you know,
if you have no interestin any Muay Thai or martial artsand you want a packaged thingthen this is definitely
the place, you know. – And what’s cool, like with
the first, the CrossFit classlike you can have beginner to advancebecause all you do is
you do the same circuitbut you just up your weightsor you double skip or you
just increase the intensitybecause it’s against yourself, you know?So it’s pretty cool.
– Yeah, exactly. Anyway so we’re gonna take a chill pill. Super hot now. We’re gonna–
– Breaky!- Rehydrate, is breakfast still open?We’ll find out. – It’s still open, it
looks like it’s still open. – We’ll find out. If it is we’ll show you what it’s like. We had it yesterday. But anyway we’re here for dinner,we’ll show ya that. Last night’s dinner, how
good was the grilled salmon?- Oh, another
level, another level guys. – The best!- Like, seriously healthy. – Photos from last night,that was the best grilled salmon. – If you eat like that
every day for three weeks?- You’d be shredded in no time. – Wow, super healthy. – Yeah, your heart will love you. – Yeah.
– It’s true. – And everything else in your body. – Healthy fats, the healthy fats. Anyway, so we might just
go to a couple little cafesand things on Fitness
Street during the daybut just to hurry this
little debrief alongI’m doing the strength and technique classthis afternoon here at Titan Fitness. Robyn’s gonna like put that in. Show you what the, it’s
called S&T on the programme. – And then there’s a spin core,which I’m fascinated cause
it’s all about the corewhich, you know, it’s my thing. – Yeah that later on. – He’s seriously dehydrated. – All right, let’s get some breakfast. See ya later. See ya guys. – Bye. – Jeeze man, get
those pancakes on the plate. Thank you.
– Okay, okay, calm down. – Quite normal to do your
morning training sessionand catch breakfast before it closeseleven thirty in the
morning at Titan Fitness. This is a breakfast spread. Thanks to Robynwild. com who’s prepared it. Have a look. What have you got, Robs?You go some muesli, yoghourt, fruit. – Muesli, honey,
yoghourt and fruit. – You’ve mixed it upit did look like that though. – And then pancakes
with honey and fruit. – Pancakes, honey,
fruit, omelettes, coffee. Details done, breakfast. All right guys this is a quick one,three o’clock in the afternoon, Tuesday. I’ve just dropped into Pure Veganhere on Fitness Street slash Sutai. I’ve a quick bite to eat. I’ll show you. This place is actually one
of my favourite place to eathere on Fitness Street. I’ll show you the food and
you’ll see exactly why. So, my falafel bowl has just arrived. On the menu, if you decide to come here,it looks like this,right there. It’s one of their best sellersand it has just arrived, right now. Unfiltered, I’ll show you
exactly what it looks like. Check this out. Look at that. Falafels, sauce, we got
rice in there as well. Look at that. Looks absolutely amazing. And literally for a
hundred and eighty bahts,about ten Australian
dollars, you get that. So, it’s exactly what I need. I have a training session at five o’clock. Strength and technique with Titan Fitness. It’s gonna be fun. And then after that, Robyn
is doing a training classwith them called spinning core,I think it is just off the top of my head. But if you ever come to Fitness Streetdefinitely check out this place. It’s called Pure Vegan. You can’t miss it. It’s the only vegan place on the street. It’s actually right across the roadfrom a really cool place
to get your active wear. Been there before. It’s a barber and an active
wear shop just there. The Pad Thai place is
really amazing at night. They’ve really amazing Pad Thai. It’s actually one of my favouritePad Thai places on the street. And, hey mate, how you doing?So yeah, I’m gonna chow this downand then get back to Coco ville,which is where I’m staying for a week. And then do my training
session at Titan Fitness. See ya soon. We just pulled up here, yeah. This is Titan Fitness. This is the kitchen area. It’s where they have
breakfast, lunch, dinner. They’ve pulled the blinds down. That’s the indoor kitchen area there. And we’re going to be doing
the strength training,sorry, strength and technique class. I’m pretty tired to be honest with you. I think it’s over thereat the big shed there, the open air gym. Yeah, then afterwards we’re
gonna have dinner hereat Titan Fitness and we’ll
show you what we have,dinner here, what they serve hereat Titan Fitness for dinner,as part of the dinner, as
part of the meal package. So, anyway, enough of me rambling. Let’s get ready for the class,starts in ten minutes and
then we’ll bring you along. See ya soon. Fun guys, this is really, really good. I really like it, you know?I love trying to learn how to getbetter and better and better at the,you know, these kinds of movements. Even though I’ve been
doing it for a few years. I don’t know everythingbut I’m here with an open mind, you know? Here ya go. Here’s your towel. – Thanks, that’s so nice of you. Thanks Brad.
– Have fun. – Hey guys, you gotta come to
Fitness Street, Titan Fitness. This is where it’s all happening. Look at me. – You are sweating. – All right guys, get ready. – Ah man. – What’d you just
do, what’s it called?- I just did the spin core class. Spinning is never gonna be
the same, unfortunately. Because it’s like,
interval training spinningcombined with abdominal exercises. And you have a partner and you
alternate with your partner. The team works great cause you
like supporting each other. Your don’t let the other person down. You know, gosh, you can see like,such a crazy, crazy workoutbut so fun, really fun. – Yeah, you did well. – Thanks Brady. You’re a great support. He’s there with the camera. He’s like, “Go Robs, go!”- I’m screaming at you. – It’s awesome. – And it’s seven o’clock now. – And we wanna go get Nomi’s. – No, we’re gonna
have dinner here first. – Oh yeah, I’m hungry. – Yeah, so whatever’s
on the dinner menu,that’s behind us. – I’m excited guys. They make the best food here. Last night we had salmon and
vegetables, grilled salmon. – Where’s the kitchen?Point the kitchen. – It’s just down there. – Just through there. – Yeah, except I’m not
very hungry right now. But we’re gonna eat there tonight. – I think we should eat now. – Anyway, great class. If you’re here come to Titan. It’s one of those places
that will change your life. They have three week programmes here. Most people I’ve chatted to
have done the whole programmeand they’re loving. They’re absolutely loving it. – Yeah, one guy’s
lost 5 kgs in one month. – Yeah man, it’s got and the thing isthey teach you the
absolute basics as well. So you could come here and, like,get all the fundamentals, that you need. And then try other camps. It’s a great place to start. – All right, so the cameras over to me. It is ten past seven at night. It is Tuesday and this is
the end of our training day. And Robs, as you saw, just
finished a, what’s it called?A spincore?
– Spincore. – Spinning core on the
programme Titan Fitness. Before that I did strength and technique. – Technique.
– Yeah, S&T. And amazing, like great. We did pressing, go and see
those, like, back in the videoif you just jumped to this. Really, really great. Broke down the technique
of doing a overhead pressand push press with a PVC pipe. Just breaking down the fundamentalsfor someone who’s never done that before. Like, that’s important to
get that foundation down. Even though I’ve been
doing it for four yearsI like to improve my technique. So it was great for absolute beginners. I was impressed by that. So, right now, I know Robs is
struggling to hold the camera. We’re gonna wrap it up so
gonna go to dinner now. We’re gonna show you what they
serve tonight, for dinner. So you get an idea of what
this place is like for dinnerand then tomorrowwe’re gonna continue
our training adventures. Come along and join us. But I’m gonna end the
vlog with the dinner. And I’ll see ya tomorrow. Thanks for watching. Good bye.


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