What’s up, guys? Jeff Cavaliere, AthleanX. com. Today I’m going to break out the Smart Board
to discuss a dumb mistake that a lot of peoplemake when it comes to dieting for a 6 pack. You see, if you rely on calorie restriction
as your main and sole method of getting toa lower body fat level, you’re going to run
into a brick wall a lot harder and fasterthan the one behind me. Here’s the problem: we know that in order
to create a body fat loss you have to createa caloric deficit. We talked about that a
lot of times before. There’s a thermodynamiclaw that states that we need to do that. That’s a given. It doesn’t mean it has to
come from calorie restriction because thebiggest mistake people make – let’s say
they’re arbitrarily going to pick a 2000 caloriedaily maintenance level; that’s what yours
is. You want to create a 500 calorie deficit because
you know you need to do that in order to losesome weight and lose body fat. A lot of people
will do this completely through a 500 calorierestriction on what they eat. That’s the easy way to do it and it’s the
fastest way because a lot of people will findthat they’ll get results doing this, but then
all of a sudden they hit that wall and theystop seeing results. It’s extremely predictable because as you’re
doing this, think about the calories thatyou’re also restricting from your muscles.
Your muscles are going to be your best friends;your metabolically most active tissue to allow
you to raise this set point. Not from 2000, but maybe to 3000 in a day.
If you have the metabolically active tissue,like muscle, to stick and allow you to burn
more calories throughout the day just becauseof the muscle you have to maintain, you’re
going to allow yourself a lot more dietaryflexibility in the long term. That is how you get this thing done 365 days
a year like I preach. So you don’t wantto do it that way. What you want to do is
if you’re at 2000, maybe what you do – anda lot of people may not like to hear this
– they’ll restrict their calories by a littlebit. Take the obvious thing out of your diet. You’re
probably already pretty low as it is. Thisis probably not what you’re eating in a day,
but again arbitrary numbers. Take somethingobvious out of your diet that you know you
probably shouldn’t have from calories andthen go burn 400 extra calories to get yourself
down here. That is going to create a much more effective
plan because you’re still supplying key caloriesto the muscle that you’re trying to build.
Maybe you’re not even working out and if you’renot doing that, that’s an even bigger disaster
that we can talk about in a different video. You’d better be working out at the same time
because otherwise you’re going to become skinnyfat. You’re going to get thin, but you’re
not going to look very good. It’s like gettingabs, but having no muscle. It’s like the old
saying “Having tits on a bull. ” There’s nopurpose for it. If you want to have a much more effective
plan, unfortunately for some, maybe upliftingfor others; you’re going to have to get your
ass into the gym and you’re going to haveto work out and start burning some calories. Our burst training workouts that we have plenty
of here at Athlean-X are geared to do exactlythat; help you to burn a lot of calories quickly.
You don’t have to spend all day to burn400 calories. You’re not going for a slow
jog here through the park. As a matter of fact, if you’ve seen one of
our videos here we actually did a 10 minuteworkout – I’ll link it right here – where
we did nothing but burpees. 10 different variationsof burpees in 10 minutes. You’ll feel what
a high expenditure of energy feels like ifyou’ve never tried it before. My point is: you’ve got to stop looking at
strictly dietary restriction of calories toget down to this number. You’re going to have
to get lower, but don’t look to diet alone. As a matter of fact, try to see if you can
do it as little as possible that way so whatyou’re doing is sparing the calories to allow
you to support the muscle growth that’s goingto allow you to ultimately raise this number
and make your nutrition plan a hell of a loteasier to follow. Guys, if you’re looking for a way to have
your ass kicked I’m more than happy to doit for you. You could head to AthleanX. com right now and
get one of our training systems. I coach youthrough every single workout and I also provide
you with a diet plan that will allow you tomake nutrition much simpler than it is and
allow you to actually stick to a plan 365days a year. That is what I try to preach here at this
channel year in and year out and that’s whatI’m trying to convey to everybody that watched
us. It’s not all that hard, it’s just goingto take a little bit of dedication and effort
here and then I’ll help you to do all therest from there. See me over at AthleanX. com and in the meantime
let me know how you felt about this video. Leave your comments and thumbs up and I will
be back here again in just a couple days withmore stuff for you. See ya!


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