Are you not feeling 100% Based lately, not
sleeping well, eating like shit, and overallfeeling like one of those old guys in those
Viagra commercials before he took Viagra?Not a problem – today, I’m gonna help you
go from feeling like this to this. Be sure to stick around ‘til the end, because
number 6 just so happens to be my newest habit,AND also my favorite one. #1 Sleep. Now you’re probably thinking “oh wow Zeus,
that’s such unique advice. Never knew that getting good sleep would be
a healthy choice!Thanks!”But hear me out!not only is it important for you to get the
right amount of sleep, in terms of hours. But it’s equally important to go to sleep
at the same time each night and wake up atthe same time every morning. There’s a delicate hormonal balance that
exists within your body, especially when itcomes to sleeping. Thus, establishing a routine of sleeping and
waking up at the same time. It will allow your sleep-related hormonal
levels to be in balance and leveled. There are actually studies showing that people
who have irregular sleep schedules tend tofuck up their circadian rhythm and it results
in their body not knowing when to releasethe hormones that make you feel sleepy or
awake, at the correct times. This is why a lot of people who sleep a lot
of hours but don’t have a routine, tendto feel tired and out of energy during the
day. No joke, falling asleep and waking up at the
same time every day has been one of the mostimpactful things that has skyrocketed my productivity
and health within the last 6-8 months. This is also dope, because even on off days,
when you go to sleep late, your body willwake up at the same time and you won’t even
feel tired, so it’s an easy schedule tomaintain and once you get into this routine
it will feel super natural. #2 Learn how to cook 3 healthy meals. Cooking is obviously a healthy habit because
you know exactly what you’re consuming andputting into your body BUT, learning how to
cook just 3 healthy meals is especially effectivefor a few reasons. When you cook meals yourself, you’ll only
buy foods and more importantly the healthyfoods that you actually like, which makes
you more likely to eat them. You also get to totally customize the meals
you make, because you’re the one creatingthem, which means that you can change up any
healthy recipe to taste as good as you wantbecause you can add in whatever spices and
flavor profiles you prefer. Knowing how to cook a healthy breakfast, lunch,
and dinner will make it convenient and easierfor you to eat healthy because you’ll always
have a bomb ass meal that you can make atany time of the day, so you’ll have less
of an excuse to eat out, and I’m not talkingabout THAT kind of eat out#3 Manage your body. What I mean by this, is making sure that your
body is in optimal, high-performing condition. Most people just keep track of their weight
by weighing themselves in the morning butthat’s just the tip of the iceberg. You should be tracking way more than that,
especially if you workout or just wanna livea healthy lifestyle. A good way to do this is by getting a quality
scale. The one I recommend is the Digital Body Analyzer
from Vitagoods. The scale measures your weight, body fat percentage,
the amount of muscle mass in your body, yourbone density, AND water weight, which is essential
if you work out a lot and are focusing onbulking or cutting. Knowing your body fat percentage, muscle mass,
and water weight allows you to get instantfeedback from your body, which you can then
use to tailor your workouts and more importantly,your lifestyle to match your weight goals. I recommend weighing yourself at the same
time every morning so you can get an accurateand consistent read of where your body is
at and take action based on your results. I personally do this every morning and it’s
helped me come up with better workout anddiet plans, because I have all the knowledge
I need from my body to know EXACTLY what itneeds. This is also a good scale to use if you plan
on sharing it with your side hoes, girlfriendmistress, or whatever, because it can create
and store different profiles for each person’sstats. It even has a really sleek stainless steel
and glass appearance that makes it super easyto clean. And since Vitagoods is a partner, I got them
to hook you guys up with 60% off the scalewhen you use the link and code in my description. #4 Keep your phone on airplane mode or do
not disturb for 80% of your day. You have a limited amount of attention and
decision making in your day before your brainjust gets overworked and you start to experience
a sharp decrease in your ability to do thesetasks well. Constant push notifications on your phone
that take you out of what you’re doing,and into something that is short-lived is
a really easy way to destroy your attentionspan and make it harder for you to focus. This is why I recommend keeping push notifications
off, because this way you can control whenyou’re shifting your focus and you are only
looking at the distractions on your phone,when you can and want to. You gotta grab your distractions by the balls. This way, you only deal with them on YOUR
OWN terms. #5 Spend the first 30 minutes to an hour of
each day focused on learning. I meet a ton of successful people all the
time since I’m literally a god and am themost successful thing ever, since I literally
created the universe BUT what I noticed isthat the majority of them spend the beginning
of their day, focused on learning and personaldevelopment because of the dramatically positive
effects it has on the rest of their days. Also, reserving time in EVERY SINGLE DAY,
is a really effective way of improving yourskills and becoming smarter and happier over
the long term. Think of it like this. If you spend 1 hour everyday for a year reading,
learning a new skill, or developing yourself,you will have spent 365 hours which translate
to just over 2 FULL WEEKS of doing nothingelse but learning and growing. This is another good way of ensuring that
you learn each day because even if you endup having an unproductive day, or going through
a period where you’re not learning at schoolor at work, you’re always learning on your
own anyways. #6 Outline what your perfect day looks like
to you. This one is simple. Take some time to think long and hard about
what your absolute perfect day would looklike. Be as ambitious as you can and really define
what you’d want to be doing if you had noresponsibilities. Once you have your idea for a perfect day,
do what you can each and every day, to makethat day your perfect day. And that’s it. In summary:Sleep
Learn to cook 3 healthy mealsManage your body
Keep your phone offSpend your first 30 minutes each day learning
And outline what your perfect day looks likeIf you wanna check out the Digital Body Analyzer
then be sure to check the link in my descriptionto keep track of everything happening with
your body. Also be sure to leave a comment below since
I read virtually every comment and I’m reallyactive down there. Zeus out.


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