Hi, and welcome to my 45-minute
challenging journey. This indoor cyclingroute will improve your cardiovascular
fitness and keep you motivated on thosecold winter days. This is a tough mix of
seated and standing positions which iscomplimented with fast efforts all the way
through. Variety is key to keeping yourtraining fun. Enjoy your ride and I’ll
race you to the finish. ♪ ♪So we’re going to
warm it right back up. So, just keep the cadence spinning 110
RPM. Today, it’s going to be quite a lotof speed work, seated, standing, hill,
bike hill climbs, and surprises as wego. So it’s going to be quite interesting
all the way. ♪ ♪Just make sure you’re
not over, over spinning. Try to learn, just
keep a nice loose cadence. Take your toes on pointing down and press
all the way down around. Just find that sweet spot, that power spot
there and let’s put out all the waythrough, so that you can use your quads
and your hamstrings, your glutes,focus on those. Use your calves as well,
okay? Make sure your knees aren’t stickingout, keep them tight and nice and strong. ♪ ♪Make sure those hips aren’t
wobbling in the saddle,you’re not overspinning. So keep
your legs nice and quick. ♪ ♪We’re going to try a little capping. ♪ ♪Ninety seconds. Let’s just relax and spin. ♪ ♪Keep a really good posture throughout the
session when we’re seated. When we’re standing,
keep it strong. ♪ ♪This time going really good. ♪ ♪A little bit more resistance tying it out
a little bit. ♪ ♪Thirty seconds, phase two
to warm up coming up. ♪ ♪Okay. We’re going to get a little bit
harder, but we’re still warming up. Don’t panic.
Move your hands to position two. Add in some small amount of resistance.
Add a little bit more. ♪ ♪Add a little bit more. Just a little bit
more again, and again slowing down thelegs. Find that beat. Move to position
three, a little bit more resistance,going to stand up and find that beat,
two, one, up we go, slow. Nice and relaxed, eh. Leisurely climb.
Keep those hips nice and strong. Don’t wiggle too much. Ten seconds.
We’re sitting down again, guys,good. Five seconds, three, two. Keep
climbing. Keep that feet. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven,
eight, keep going. A little bit more resistance. Keep your
feet climb, keep working. It’s a bit of a climb, a little bit
more. Position three. It’s just a warm up,eh. Five seconds standing up,
two, one, up we go. Just getting the body prepped for today. Find that beat. One of those hills you
talk to your friends as you’re going up. ♪ ♪Ten seconds. Hop a notch a little bit
more. We’re going to sit down in five,don’t touch the resistance. Position two,
here we go, down. A little bit moreresistance, guys. Keep that beat,
it’s slow, it’s controlled. quad work. Fifteen
seconds standing up, go on a little bitmore keep that beat. One, two,
three, four, good. Here we go,up in five. Two, one, up and smile, guys.
Thirty seconds left. ♪ ♪Ten seconds, good job everyone. Position two and down.
Ease your resistance off, good. ♪ ♪Okay. Here we’re
going to hit a mountain now. Let’s everyone have a drink. ♪ ♪And position three, eh.
Get ready to stand up. A little bit more resistance, two, one,
up. Slowly right down. Leave that beat, one, two, three, four. ♪ ♪Super slow.
A little bit more resistance. Get ready. Get ready to speed
up. Keep your resistance on. Speed up. Here it comes, guys. Speed up,
ready. Not much. A little bit moreresistance, come on, let’s get warmed up. ♪ ♪We’re going to sit down in eight seconds. Don’t touch that resistance. Three, two,
down. Climb, let’s add a bit more. Come on, let’s work a little bit harder.
Don’t hold back today, eh. Hand position two, keep the body still,
abs strong. A little bit more, come on. It’s getting
steeper, follow that hill,follow that climb out the way. ♪ ♪Keeping the beat, focus on
those feet all the way around. Half a notch, come on. Let’s get those
legs warm. Fifteen seconds,keep climbing. Half a notch, come on.
Starting to warm up. We’re going to stand up in
five, two, one, up we go, recovery. ♪ ♪Sit down in five.
Don’t touch the resistance,two, one, down. Position one, resistance
off. Keep the shoulders relaxed. Climb one, two, three, four, a little bit
more, slow down the legs. ♪ ♪Keep climbing, come on, let’s work
nice and hard, one, two, three,four, five, six, seven, eight, keep going. ♪ ♪We’re going to stand up in five,half a notch more, there it is,
position two to three. Up we go. ♪ ♪In 30 seconds, we’re going to sit down,
max out the resistance. Push the biggest kick we can. Get those
legs screaming, ready, three, two,one, sit down. Resistance on and climb.
Keep the body still guys,come on, work. Power on. Climbing hard,
grit your teeth, and keep smiling. ♪ ♪Get ready, quick drink, first one in 10
seconds. Resistance on,either hand position one, or three, or
straight down the middle arrow. Two, one, let’s go, come on, 30 seconds.
Don’t let those legs overspin. When you’re ready, come on, let’s go. Get
those legs turning. ♪ ♪Good, nice, relaxed bodies, keep them nice
and still. Keep going. Ten seconds,power on. ♪ ♪Three, two, one, easy, good.
Stand up, recover, stretch out. Breathe. We’re going to do that again.
Forty seconds on, 20 off. Okay. Ready. Wind down the legs, get ready to
up. Get ready to sit down in three,two, one, you’re up. Down, go, come on.
Good, good, good, good. Still looking forward, relax the body.
Concentrate. Breathe, 30 seconds left. Faster legs, come on, power. ♪ ♪Twenty seconds.
Keep going. Ten, come on,keep going. Eight seconds, nearly there.
Five, four, three, two,one, stand good, up. Recovery. ♪ ♪One more,
ready, one more. Ten seconds. Feel it in the legs, speed up the legs,
get ready to attack in three,two, one down and go. Looking forward,
power on, fast beat, let’s turn and burn. Come on guys. ♪ ♪Keep going. Focus. Ten,
five, keep going, three,two, easy. ♪ ♪Good job. Hand position two.
Still recovery, moving up,hand position three. Standing climb up in
eight seconds, resistance on,three, two, one, light beat. Nice and bouncy, elbows and
shoulders down. Hands nice and light. ♪ ♪Two, one, down, spin recovery, good. Easy spin recovery good. ♪ ♪Quick drink, get ready to go again,
another standing climb. ♪ ♪Ten seconds.
Resistance position two, add a littlebit more, position three, two, one, up
and go. There’s the climb, nice,all of you trying hard.
Let’s keep that going. ♪ ♪Fifteen seconds
resistance on, looking forward, 10. ♪ ♪Good, all synchronized, love that, two,
one, down again, good. Position one. spin those legs, easy. ♪ ♪Position two, add on a bit more,creep it on, position three up in
four, three, two, one, up. Let’s climb. Funky track nice and
bouncy, dancing on the pedals. ♪ ♪Ten seconds. Elbows in, keep pumping.
Five, two, one, don’t touch theresistance. Position two, starting to
climb, keep working. Half a notch. Position two, good. One more notch. Ten
seconds, keep that body nice and still. Position three. Five, four, three, two,
up. Good job everyone. ♪ ♪Breathe, keep that beat.
We got one minute to go. Ten seconds. ♪ ♪Position two, keep climbing. Keep
climbing. Position two, keep the bodystill, half a notch more. Climb strong.
Come on, focus on great form,shoulders down, elbows in. One more
notch come on, challenge is out. Ten seconds to go now. Set your hands in
two to three, one more. Thirty seconds, three, two,
one, yeah, that’s right. ♪ ♪Twenty seconds. Be tall, be big, be strong. ♪ ♪Ten seconds. ♪ ♪Five seconds, position two. ♪ ♪Very good. Here we go, right, we’re going
to go 30 on, 30 offs. Position one orarrows, whatever you want to do.
Quick breather. So cadence, race pace cadence,90 to 100 RPM, heart rate 80% to 85%.
That’s an 8 out of 10 work rate,so pushing hard on recovery. Position one,
here we go. Resistance on,it’s got to be on. Three, two, one, go,
come on. Don’t overspin and keepthose hips in the saddle. Sit back
in the saddle. Relax those shoulders. Keep great form, eh.
is for you, eh. Fifteen seconds, 10 seconds. Come on,
working hard. One more notch. Yeah, there, there, burn
it out. Three, two, one,easy, good. Position one recover. Take a
little bit off, high cadence. Breathe, well done. ♪ ♪Ready to go again, eh.
Ten seconds, creep on the resistance. Either one or three, up to you, whatever
works. Two, one, go turn and burn. Sit back in the saddle,
looking forward. Good job, everyone. Come
on. Let’s work hard. Relax your shoulders. Twenty seconds. ♪ ♪Nice, straight, flat road, go, it’s
, come on, 10 seconds. ♪ ♪Five, two, one, easy, sit up, good. ♪ ♪Doing good. Breathe into recovery, softer
pedal, but keep the cadence high. So keep hovering that resistance. Going to
keep going, 30 on, 30 off. ♪ ♪Okay. Ready to go again. Creep on the
resistance, go on, a little bit more. Position one or three, two,
now go. Come on. Looking forward. Put
some smiles on thosefaces, people. Let’s go. Twenty seconds.
Let’s work hard. Come on,guys. Team in the back are working harder
than the guys in the front. Step it up. Ten seconds.
Eight, five, keep going power down,three, two, easy. Two more, guys. Breathe. ♪ ♪Let’s keep the heart
rate a little bit harder. Get those legs pump full of lactic
acid. Let’s enjoy it. Five seconds, ready. Creep on the
resistance. Thirty on three,two, go. Go on, a little bit more
resistance, don’t overspin it. Looking forward, shoulders
drop, power on. Cadence, 90, to 100 RPM.
Faster than the beat, come on. Ten. You’re doing a great job.
Five, three, two, one. Recovery. One more. Anybody warmed up yet?♪ ♪Okay. Big up on this one. Here we go. Resistance, squeeze on twist
by twist, a little bit more,and another one. Three, two, one, let’s
go. Come on, look forward. Keep great form. Focus on those circles.
Sitting back in the saddle 20 secondsleft. You’ve got more than that. Yes, you
have, come on. Push on. Fifteen to go. Awesome job, 10 left.
Hold on grit your teeth but keep smiling. Three, two, yeah. Go total resistance,
position two. Crank on as hard as you canstraight into a climb. So we come off a
flat, straight into a steep climb slow. Those legs are tired,
we’re going to shock them. Two minutes. Position two, a lot more
resistance this pace, snail’s pace. ♪ ♪Good, come on, climb. Keep great form.
Work on the hips now enjoying thosecircles. One more notch. You got more
than that. This should be a struggle topush around. One minute to go. The
lactic is there, so let’s give it somemore. Let the body deal with that, eh.
Fifty seconds. ♪ ♪Forty-five, one more notch, legs should
be burning now, eh. Another one, and another one. ♪ ♪This pace guys, one, two, keep your hips
square. Don’t roll, 30 seconds. ♪ ♪We’re gonna go straight into a sprint
15 on, 15 off. Resistance, wind it off,wind it off. Not all the way off. Spin
position two. Okay, a little recovery. You know what’s happening, 5
minutes, 15 on, 15 off. Big efforts. Eighty-five percent plus heart rate,
cadence optimum. Let’s go 90 plus or 100plus, up to you. This is fast moving,
let’s keep it upbeat. First one in 10. Either position one or three, ready to go,
fast and furious. Three, two, one, go, come on. Yeah. Two, one. That was a spin, right?Yeah. Okay. Let’s work a
little bit harder than that. It’s going to be hard, more resistance.
That was good but you got more. Ready, three, two, one, go, come on. Heads
down looking forward. ♪ ♪Keep the form, five, two, one, easy, good.
Good, soft pedal. Explosion of power. Good for your race for the weekend.
Five, two, one, go come on. Fast and furious. ♪ ♪Five to go, come on, Fast beat.
Two, one, easy good. Soft pedal.
Here we go, ready? Heart rate’s up. Three,two, one, go. Power on, back in the
saddle. Come on, more speed. A little bit more resistance. Five,
two, one, soft good. Sit up, breathe. ♪ ♪Quick drink. Three, two,
one, let’s go. ♪ ♪Let’s work harder. Come on, guys. Work as
a team. You got this. Five seconds. Three,two, one, good. ♪ ♪Two minutes, guys.
Let’s keep it going, eh. Three, two, one, yeah, down. Pump
those legs. They know where they’re going. ♪ ♪Two, one, easy good. Nearly, there. Let’s
go faster than that beat. Got a minute anda half to go. Not many reps left. Three,
two, one, down, looking forward,abs strong, good. Come guys, starting to
ease out. Five seconds. Three, two,one. ♪ ♪Ready. One more minute.
Position one, two, one, let’s go. Don’t leave anything out there.
Push on. Ten seconds. ♪ ♪Two, one, easy good. Wow, one more. ♪ ♪Five, four, three, two, one go, last one. Big effort. Ten to go. Hold on, push
to the finish, five,four, three, two, good, rest. Position
one, recover. Spin fast. ♪ ♪Five minutes, going to give you a recovery
first. Listen to the music,we’re going to go position three, standing
sprint. Everyone okay?There’s not many smiling faces or is that
grimace? Resistance on,position two. ♪ ♪Ready, ready, ready. Fast
standing straights, guys. ♪ ♪Position three, ready, we’re going to go
up in eight seconds. Resistance has gotto be on. Stand up. Get ready. Fast beat, ready,
three, two, one, go. Head over,come on. Let’s work, fast pace. ♪ ♪Keep going.
Standing sprint, legs are warming up. Oh yeah, keep going. Keep going. Keep
going. Hold on. Five, four,three, two, down. Recover, good. ♪ ♪Ready to go again, position
three. Up in five. Up, two, one, up we go, standing
sprints, let’s go. Position three,elbows in, hold on. Hold on, keep working.
Pump those legs, good job,hold on. Halfway. This is the
toughest one, keep going. Ten seconds. ♪ ♪Five, keep going, three, two,
down, recover. Good, warming up. ♪ ♪Position one, easy spin but fast, fast
legs, easy. Good, hard efforts. ♪ ♪We’re going to half the efforts, we’re
going to go 20 seconds up,10 seconds down. Position three. Whoa,
this is going to be lovely. Twenty seconds standing sprint. Ten
seconds seat to recovery. Resistance on,three, two, one up, pump those legs.
Keep working. Go. Push, push. ♪ ♪Five seconds go on, come up, keep going,
hold on. Three, two, one,sit easy. Resistance on a little bit more,
up again. Five, two,one, go. Fast legs, elbows in. Hold tight,
hold on, you’ve got it. Ten seconds. ♪ ♪Five seconds. Hold on, three,
two, one down. ♪ ♪One more. Ready, three two,
one, up. Go!Faster than the beat. Let’s work to the
end. One more, this is it. Ten. ♪ ♪Five, two, one, down. Good. ♪ ♪Position two.
Good job, everyone. Get the resistance on. Keep the cadence 90
plus. Let’s flush out the lactic,really good work. That went quick, eh?♪ ♪We’re going to go three minutes downinto arrow position, either one arrow for
three. Imagine you’re on a long,straight road that’s flat. Let’s keep the
cadence high, let’s relax,keep great form throughout, 10 seconds.
The bset look really good on the bikes. Think about every pedal stroke, three,
two, one, down. Keep it smooth. Think about those circles going round, no
dead spots, efficiency is key in cycling. ♪ ♪The hard work is done, guys.
So chill, relax. ♪ ♪Two to go. Even more efficient. Smooth all the way round. It’s nice work. ♪ ♪One minute. ♪ ♪Hey guys, looking ahead, there’s the
finish line only 30 seconds away. Hand position one, get ready to race last
one there. Three, two,one last up of the day. Let’s go. Thirty
seconds blast, come on. Get to that finish line keeping that great
form. Twenty seconds,there it is, it’s coming up. Grit your
teeth, last effort, 15, 10 seconds,last one there, 10, 8, 3, 2, 1,
easy. Good. Good job, everyone hand
position one now, super easy. ♪ ♪Good job, super relax, take drinks
onboard. We’re super done. ♪ ♪We’re going to have two minutes
and come up and have a stretch. ♪ ♪Keep the cadence nice, fast, nice,
and fluid. Resistance really low and justflush out all the poison. ♪ ♪One more minute. Forty-five seconds, just spin and relax. ♪ ♪Thirty seconds. ♪ ♪Slow it down even more. Starting
to add the resistance,a little bit at a time slowing down the
legs. Okay, cool, add the brake. Be careful coming off. ♪ ♪ with the quads.
Keep that posture. Soft bend in the knee on the left
supporting leg. ♪ ♪Keep really tall, shoulders back, head up. ♪ ♪Give it a shake, change sides, well done. ♪ ♪Ten seconds. ♪ ♪Give it a shake. Let’s go
down, hamstring stretch,down and hold. ♪ ♪Slowly come up. One foot
forward, one foot back. Keep that posture. Drive all that weight
to the back heel. Good, change sides. Nice and easy. Good job, guys, okay. Big stretch,find a little bit of space. Find a little
bit of space. Okay, good. Okay. From there, squat down into a full
squat and then reach up nice andtall, nice deep breath in one more, ready,
deep breath in, squat down,reach up. Good job, everybody, well done.
Good stuff. ♪ ♪


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