Hi!My name is Urmi Kothariand I’m your energy coach from Kinetic Living. And today I’m going to tell you abouthow fun skipping can beespecially after the variationsthat I’m going to show you. It doesn’t have to be monotonous and you canreally get a bank for your buckin a short sweet period of time!So, if you’ve never skipped in your life beforeor you don’t know how to skip. First things firstyou must try to get this action right in your feet. So it’s basicallysmall jumps off the ball of your foot,keeping your abs engagedand try to land softly with your knees. Try and get the feeling of how it feels to push offthe ball of your feet and do this for about 30 secondswith about 30 seconds restand then you can hold on to the rope. So when you hold on to the ropejust get both the handles togetherand all you’re going to try and do iscoordinate your feet and the circling of the rope. This way!So again, you’re back to the small jumpsbut this time you’re circling the rope next to you. Maintain your breath,try to keep your chin parallel to the floorand there should be no pressure on your knees. And relax!So again practice this for 30 secondsbefore you start the actual skipping. So this is the first variationor this is the most basic variation that we all know. Is keeping as I saidfeet light,chin paralleltry to get an even breath. This is a great workout!This is going to get your heart rate upthat’s the cardio effecttry to keep your elbows close to the ribsand try to move from the ropeand the wrist. And from herethe next variation if you can get this rightis you go for the Boxer Shuffle. I’m shifting my weight from side to sidemy shoulders are completely relaxedand as you can see I’m slightly going out of breath. And then the next variation is the High Knees. So this is a little bitmore challenging for your coordinationand you also start getting more out of breath. But keep that smile on!So, this is also working your legs harder,working your calvesand constantly keep reminding yourselfto keep your chin parallel to the floor. And then the next one isSagittal SwitchesSo these are all variations of the feet that you also dowhile you do jumping jacks. Again, landing softly on your feet. And the last one is Frontal Switches. Make sure you’re not keeping your feet too wideotherwise they will get entangled in the rope. And relax!So these were the 4 variationsand remember you can take breaksbetween each variation or you can go at one godepending on your fitness level. So to summarise this epic workoutI would like to just give you some tipson how you can build up your time. If you are a beginner,then start by building the most basic variationfor a minute andfollowed by one minute rest and thenslowly reduce the rest time to 30 seconds andtry to do at least 3 to 4 sets andIf you are an intermediate or an advancethen you can try all different variations for 1 minute eachwith a rest period of 30 seconds in betweenand then gradually increase the skipping timeand reduce the rest time. You can also build upto 10 minutes of continuous skipping andthat will be a killer cardio workout. Skipping is an excellent cardio workoutand it can be done anywhereand the skipping rope doesn’t weigh muchso you can carry it even while travelling. Stay tuned for more fitness videos. Until then stay Glamrs.


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