What’s up Champ!I’m Vince Del Monte ofGeneExpressionTraining. comIn this video I’m going to teach you theTHREE FASTEST FAT BURNING EXERCISES EVERWe are going to help you lose your belly fat
without cardio. This is the next workoutA part of the Screw Cardio SeriesI call this one the MAN MAKERGet Ready!So what we’re doing today are called “Contrast Ladders”Alright. Contrast Ladders are a very superior wayof getting more volume, getting more weight from week to week. And let me show you how we’re going to do
it. I’m also going to provide modifications at
the end of the videodepending what your fitness level is. For all the intermediate and advanced guys,the way we’re going to do this today is going to bemore than enough. Alright. You’re gonna have to bring your “A Game”Let’s get into the details. So we’ve got 3 exercises and you’re gonna
be doingthem in a circuit. Exercise One are Rack Pull DeadliftsOkay. So I don’t want you deadlifting from the floor. It’s just going to be too challenging. I want you to find a position where you can
elevate the platesso that you can really load your muscle system. Alright. You can load your lats, you can load your
legs,you can load your core. Alright. I want your muscles to be doing the work. I don’t want you to be using momentum to get thisoff the floor. Alright. That’s exercise one. Exercise Two are Military PressesStanding Overhead. If you’ve got an issue with the barbell,I don’t have an issue with you doing dumbbells. No problem at all. Exercise Three are any variations of Chin
Ups or Pull Ups. As you can see the footage roll here,you’re gonna see me change my grip from set to setas I get fatigued to help me manage the fatiguethat’s 100% acceptable which also is pretty
cool becauseyou’re gonna get a lot of different angles
in. Alright. To do all the reps we’ve got involved here
with just one grip,that’s just gonna be way too brutal. Alright. So I’m OK with you going wide grip and thenwide neutral and then underhand grip and then
close neutral. So play with these different grips to get
all the reps. Now here’s how the Contrast Ladder works. Get ready for this. For the First round you’re doing 10 reps. But then you’re gonna do 1 rep, alrightso you get a bit of a break. And then you do 9 reps and then you get a
bit of a breakyou do 2 repsAnd then 8 reps, and you get a bit of a break
with 3 repsAnd then you come back in opposite directionsAlright. I posted this up on the screen here so you
cantake a picture. I can put in the description for you guys
as wellBut this is how this workout is gonna break
down. Alright. So in total you’re doing 110 reps for each
exercise. That’s 330 muscle producing, fat burning,
metabolism building repsAlright. This is a lot of volume. But the volume is managed very intelligently
here becausehow you’re gonna start the workout off going
hard. 10 reps, right. So as opposed to me telling you to do like
10 sets of 11with a certain weight, you’re gonna gas out. Alright. This is gonna let you get more work doneand that’s the name of the game when you wanna
strip fatand build muscle. Volume. We need to intelligently add more volume over
time. What I also want you to focus on doing from
week to weekwith this workout is to add more weight, but
keep the weightthe same. Alright. So if you could add more weight, and keep
theweight the same, that means you’re progressing
andyou’re gonna strip more fat, you’re gonna
build more muscle,and you’re not ever gonna need to step on
a treadmill ever. Now this workout is done once per week maximum. If you can do this workout more than once
per week,you’re either on drugs, a genetic freak, or
you’re notdoing it properly. Some of you guys plug this into your month
or two timeslike every other week, it’s going to be more
than sufficient. Don’t underestimate the power of quality training
with therest periods. You’re gonna take roughly 30 seconds between
each exercise. But you’ll find going from 10 to 1 you don’t
need 30 seconds. You might take a little less, but on average,
you’re taking 30 seconds. [Anybody can start this workout. The question is. . . can you finish it?Alright. The goal now is to finish stronger than when
we started. ]The whole goal here, as you’ve seen me do,
is totime the workout. I want you to know how long it takes you to
do this workout. For me, it took me 54 minutes. Alright. 54 minutes for me to get all the reps. Now near the end of the workout when I’m coming
back up,when I’m 7, 8, 9, 10 – I’m losing reps and
that’s normal. And I’m rest pausing to try and get some extra
reps. Now you will not be able to get 7, 8, 9, 10
reps on thelater half of the workout because of the fatigue,
butyou’re gonna be able to get a couple of extra
and thenthat’s your goal soeither add more weight next week or you keep
the weightthe same and try and get all the reps that
you missedfrom the previous week. Okay. Does that make sense?So there’s always progression built in. You’re always doing more. A couple of tips with the exercises here guys. So with the deadlifts, for on the lower reps
coming upyou notice I’m doing an overhand grip, but
the asI’m getting to the higher reps I’m using an
alternating grip. I like switching from side to side to I don’t
createimbalances in my lats so that I don’t blow
out my biceps. That’s totally acceptable. OK. For the next exercise on the shoulderswe can do a bit of a push press. Not a problem at all. But try and keep your core locked down,drive your feet through the floorand as you press the bar up, I want you toreach for the ceiling. I want you to let yourscalpula roll up and I really want you to
feel yourshoulders work. No partial ranges here. Really reach for the ceiling. Finally on the third exercise as I mentioned,it’s OK to switch up your grips from wide
overhandto neutral wide to underhand medium, to neutral
closeto alternated grip. That’s totally acceptable. Alright. So you’ve got a lot of tools here to getall this volume. I call this workout the Man Maker because
it’s afantastic metaphor for life. A lot of people go to the gym, you know they
start careers,they start marriages,they start ’em off strong, but then they fade
out. They don’t finish. They quit and that’s representative of how
a lot of usapproach our workouts. We go to the gym and we start off strong,
right. All out. Right. But then we gas out. And the guys that follow me, we’re finishers. We’re not starters. Alright. So this workout is gonna train you mentally
to finishthe workout stronger than when you started. Alright. You’re gonna have to kick it up a notch. You’re gonna mentally have to switch it on
when youget to the halfway point in this workout. AlrightAnd that’s my goal for you. Not just in the gym, but in life. I want you guys to have a better second half
of your lifethan the first half of your life. A lot of guys. They peak in high school. Or they peak in University. They peak in their mid 20’s and then it’s
all downhill. Not us. The second half of our life gets better. We start accelerating. We start passing those guys thatwent too hard at the startAnd this workout is gonna remind you to translate
these samequalities into how you should enjoy your life
for an incrediblelife as well. Alright guys. If you enjoyed the Man Maker. If you’re gonnagive it a go, be sure to give this video a
thumbs up,give this video a share,this is a part of our Screw Cardio Series,so we’re teaching people how to get shredded
and build musclewithout going on the treadmill, without spending
their time on the bike. Those are the least effective ways to lose
fat. It’s the slowest way to lose fat and it produces
a weakand scrawny looking body. You start adding these in once per week,your body will change fast. If you want to incorporate this style of training
year long,I’ve got a program calledShredded In SixYou can order it through the link on the screen
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workouts like thisthat will help you shred fat fast. You just gotta do these once per weekswitch them up when you plateauand you’ll never stop losing fat. Alright. You’ll get as lean as you wantyou’ll get that six packyou’re gonna look amazingyou’re gonna feel amazingand you’re gonna be fitter than ever. Alright. So check out Shredded In Six. If you like this workout, you’ll love that
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byScrewing Cardio. I’ll see you guys next time.


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