Welcome to the 15 day Fit Body Challenge
Kaytlin and I are here we are going to bedoing these workouts with you guys every
single day for the next 15 days okay wehave some really fun stuff planned some
circuit training where we’re going to bedoing some weight lifting and also some
cardio mixed into them, they’re great workoutsgreat for fat burning, boosting your
metabolism, and not getting bored rightwe do not like boring workouts here so
we’re just going to jump right in andget started okay we’re going to start
with push-ups all right we’re going tobe doing this first set all of our
workouts are going to be set up in twosets circuits okay two circuits will do
each circuit twice so we’re going to bedoing 15 reps this first set so we’re
gonna start with our push-ups and I’mgoing to explain some things to you as
we go so let’s just go ahead and getstarted ready for 15 all right you guys
if you’re new to doing push ups and pushups on your toes are really hard for you
what I want you to always do cuz we’regoing to be doing a lot of push-ups and
that’s two weeks I want you to alwaysstart on your toes and just do a rep or
two on your toes okay even if you canonly do one that’s okay and then drop to
your knees when you need to okay becauseif you never try them on your toes then
you’ll never know if you can do it kaylast one perfect you guys okay let’s go
ahead and grab some weights we’re goingto be doing an overhead press okay this
whole workout today is going to be upperbody alright let’s go ahead and put
those weights up right here like a goalpost we’re going to press them straight
overhead for 15 here we gogood so when you’re doing this you guys
I want you to bring your elbows down toa little bit lower than your shoulders
right here and then push them straightup overhead okay whenever you’re pushing
weights overhead you can either standwith your feet together like Kaytlin is
or you can stand kind of staggered likethis with your knees bent either way. go
ahead push it up nice and straight andlast one good job you guys got one more
exercise for this circuitit’s gonna be an underhand row okay so
your palms are going to be facing awayfrom you okay I want you to pull your
shoulder blades back bend it forward andwe’re going to row it up to our hips
okay and here we go up and down row soon these rows you guys I want you to
have a nice flat back okay I don’t wantyou to round your back I don’t want to
let your shut your your shoulders comeforward like this okay keep them back
nice and flat also I want you to thinkabout squeezing your shoulder blades
back in together okay so it squeeze andstretch squeezing them come under the
pencil right here along your spine andyou’re trying to squeeze that pencil and
grab it right there last one perfectokay set those weights aside we’ve got
our little cardio burst we’re going tobe doing mountain climbers and butt
kicks okay so we’re going to start onthe floor we’re gonna do 30 mountain
climbers each leg15 but kicks each leg two times okay you
ready for this and go 30 each leg soyou’re here in plank okay try to keep
your hips down in line with yourshoulders to your toes if you were
making a straight line okay if you canneed to come up a little bit that’s okay
and you just use that core keep it niceand tight pull your knees into your
chest good how many more Kaitlin wouldwe ask five four three
– one hop it up and butt kicks righthere 15 when you’re doing these you guys
keep your upper body nice and tight okayarms tight against your side’s lean
slightly forward and pull those heels uptowards your buttons high as you can
15, k back down to the floor one more timeready go good you guys, modification here
if you need to you can go like this andjust alternate tapping your knee or your
toe in okay good keep going. . . eightseven, six, five, four, three, two, one hop it
up as quick as you can and butt kicksgood you guys tensix five four three two and one
oh how you feelin good k that was ourcircuit one
we’re gonna take a 60 second rest rightnow grab a drink and then we’re going to
repeat that we’ll see you in a minuteall right you guys so last set we did
15 reps, this time I want you to grab alittle bit heavier weight if you have
some and we’re going to do 10 reps okaylet’s all come down we’re going to do
push-ups again okay try to stand yourtoes for as many as you can
hey you ready and here we go okay keepthat core nice and tight
okay when I say keep your core tightthat doesn’t really mean like suck your
stomach inthat just means keep it tight like
pretend, like I said keep it tightpretend like you have a knot, last one,
tied to your bellybutton is gettingpulled through your back keeping your
core nice and tight that’s kind of whatI mean that’s a little visual okay
overhead press if you have more than oneset of weights I want you to grab your
heavier set for this one okaywaist up and let’s press for ten here we
go so so much of weight training youguys is progressive overload okay what
that term means is constantly pushingyourself with either a few more reps or
a little bit heavier weight or somethingokay you want to be always pushing to do
a little bit more last one and pushyourself a little bit harder than you
did before okay all right underhand railpull those shoulder blades back bend it
forward and up. That doesn’t necessarily meanthat every single workout is going to be
harder than the one before it just meansthat over time you’re going to get
stronger and you’re going to need to begetting heavier weights overtime to keep
challenging yourself good keep going rowit last one right there perfect okay you
ready for a cardio again Kaitlin okaywe’ve got 30
mountain climbers coming down to thefloor
and here we gofive if you guys can’t go as quick as
Kaitlyn you just go at your own paceokay you can just go as long as it takes
her to do her 30 or you can count yourown and go a little bit longer than s
that’s fine too good keep going keepthat core nice and tight use your abs to
pull your knees in good stand it up and15 but kicks here we go five and ten and
there’s fifteen come on back down to thefloor one more time you guys thirty good
keep going I know it’s tough we’re goingto get a break in about 30 seconds
good you’re halfway through keep goingyou guys almost theregood and four three two one 15 but kicks
here we go fiveand ten and there is your 15 you guys
want you to take your heart rate down alittle bit grab a quick drink and we
have some new exercises for you incircuit twookay you guys we’ve got circuit two for
you so we’re do a couple new exercisesfirst one is going to be for the front
of our shoulders so go ahead if you havetwo sets of weights I want you to grab
your lighter set for this one okay we’regoing to be doing a front raise so
you’re gonna your elbows are going to beslightly bent just kind of soft you’re
gonna lift them till shoulder height andthen back down okay we’re going to go
for fifteen ready here we go so what youguys are doing here is you’re gonna feel
it in the front of your shoulder yourshoulder has three heads okay we’ve got
this muscle that goes across the topyour medial delt anterior delt and your
rear delts okay so you’ve got threeheads that kind of make your whole
shoulder muscle go over that joint okayany front raise like this is going to be
working more the front of your shouldercan you kind of feel it there okay
hopefully you guys can – okay I want youto bring it up until you’re in line with
your shoulders and then back down on anyshoulder move okay last one perfect any
shoulder move you guys if your weightgets a little bit too heavy you can drop
the weight and just make nice hard fistswith your hands okay alright next up
we’ve got bicep curls palms facing outwe’re just going to do basic curl and 15
here we go up down so when you’re doingthese I want you to make sure that elbow
stays pinned to your sides okay when youget tired on curls it’s easy to kind of
swing the weights see how my elbows arecoming forward and backwards we don’t
want to do that pin them right to yoursides okay good
keep going so a lot of people will askhow do you choose the right weight a
really good question, how many more did yousay? okay I’ll answer that question in
just a minutelast one okay next up we’ve got tricep
kickbacks you’re going to have a niceflat back elbows come up and you’re
gonna push it back and in squeeze inokay so if I say we’re going to be doing
15 reps okay ideally I want you to havea weight that you can just barely finish
those 15 reps with if you feel like youcould have done like five or six more
reps I want you to increase the weightfor the second set okay if you can’t
quite get all 15 that’s okayjust do as many as you can maybe the
next set you decrease the waeight alittle bit okay two more if you feel
like you could have done one or two morereps that’s perfect that’s where we want
you okay good all right we’ve got ourcardio this time we’re going to be doing
15 jumping jacks 2 burpees 2 times readyLet’s show them a burpee really quick. What does this look like? Hands down, hopyour feet in and out and jump it up okay
modification let’s show them that stepyour feet in and out
step them in and stand up or jump up okaythose are the modifications we’re going
to start with 15 jumping jacks and herewe go 5and 10 14 15 good two burpees give me good ones right here try to jump up we’llonly doing two guys at a time and 15
jumping jacks good halfway 13 14 15finish up with two more burpees jump it
up whoo and that circuit 2 we’re gonnado it one more time so grab a quick
drink and come right backall right you guys just like we did with
circuit one we’re going to try and pushourselves a little bit more get a little
bit heavier weight and do ten reps ofeach exercise okay so let’s grab our weights
to do our front raises for ten and herewe go up don’t lock out those elbows
okay I want them see how mine areslightly soft just barely bent that’s
how we want them here’s five good okaythree more right here don’t lift them any
higher than your shoulders just in linewith your shoulders last one good flip
it around let’s go right into bicepcurls ready here we go
ten good you guys keep going pin thoseelbows against your sides
knees are soft goodstand up good nice and tall whenever we
up I always lose count last one okaylast thing we’ve got our tricep kickback
good flat back elbows up and push itback so on these you guys make sure
those elbows stay high okay and I wantyou to really squeeze through your
tricep as you push it back so it’ssqueeze and back in good squeeze it
squeeze and stretch perfect last one allright you guys ready to finish off this
first workout I want everybody to jumpon their burpees okay can we all do that
together yeah we can okay 15 jumpingjacks ready and go 5. . . 10and 15 – burpees ready and jump
good luck once okay 15 jumping jacks, 5you guys are doing awesome keep going
ten and last two burpees go give me goodjumps nice and high last one
whew it was awesome good job you guysyou finished workout one of the 15 day
fit body challenge Kaytlin and I will beback here with a lower body workout for
you tomorrow so we’ll see you then


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