– What’s up guys. It’s Chris Heria. Welcome to the vlog. Today I’m here with the guys,and we are gonna be making some money. We’re gonna play a
game, one rep equals $1. So the rules are simple. We’re gonna go ahead and
throw one of this darts,and we are gonna hit one of these targets. Now each one of this
targets has an exercise,or an option to win some money. So if you hit a target,
one rep equals one dollar. Now before you start your repsyou’re gonna have to come over here,pick one of these weight
vests, and put one on. This has all the weight inside it. This is gonna be worth $2 per rep. This is one has half the weight inside it,it’s gonna be $1 per rep. And this one is right in the middleis going to be worth $1. 50 per repand if you miss the target,well, you miss the chance
of making money that round,so let’s see who can make the most money. You guys ready?- Let’s do it. – All right, so who’s first?- Let’s get it. – Let’s go. – Let’s make some money. – Woah! Pistol squats. All right man, pick the weight vest. – I’ll go with the middle one. – Okay, okay. Respect, respect. – Yeah. Come on bro, 15. 1617That man is killin it. 18. Damn, bro. Props, bro, props. Yo, you just made $27, bro. That’s how it works. Just like that. You killed it, bro. Killed it, killed it. Alright, who’s next man. Yo, Zay bro, you got this. Make me proud man, show
them Thenx athletes. What are you aiming for bro?- You got like a hundred
dollars right there?- You got a hundred dollars right there. – Alright, let’s go, let’s go. Oh what is that?Jump squats. Respect, respect. Let’s go. There you go, knees up,
knees up, knees up, knees up. Go low, low, there you go. Squat all the way, woooo. How much is that?There you go baby $30, baby. Alright guys leave it in
the comments section now,who do you think is gonna
make the most money?Here we go Osvaldo. Muscle ups. Let’s go bro. Muscle ups, alright pick the weight. I think the most fun
thing about it is thatyou really don’t know
what you’re gonna get. So we got weighted
muscle ups, let’s go boy. Okay, okay, respect. Say it with ya chest. Killin’ it killin’ it. Alright my man, Osvaldo one,
two, three, four, five, six,seven, eight, nine,
10, 11, my dog, my dog. Who’s next?I think we have Cristi, right. Let’s go Cristi. Yo this, this is our dog right here. This is Cristi, brand new to the team,he’s our brand new app developerand together we are working overnightto bring you a brand
new app for the HeriaProand Thenx app by 2019. Alright man you got this. Let’s make some extra cash bro, let’s go. Oh, burpees. Damn 14, let’s go, let’s go. This man wants some money. Look at him, if he works out that hardthink about what he’s doin’ for the app. Killed it, killed it. How much was that?Bro, 18, you just made $27, cha-ching. Boom you’re making money. Alright the next person, yo
let’s get Shawn over here. Come on bro. Let’s give Shawn a shot. Oh, no way handstand push ups. – It doesn’t say, I
can’t use the wall right. – Let’s go Shawn. Dude, one, two, three,
four, don’t give up bro. Alright yo, we have to
do both camera men here. Alright come on Raul, you got this. – Burpees!- Come on Raul you got this. One, wooo. Wooo, come on, come on, come on. You got this bro don’t give up. Everybody at Thenx gotta workout. There you go. Killed it bro, killed
it, killed it, killed it. Alright for round two,
we’re gonna make thisa little more interesting. This time when they throw the dart,they’re gonna be blindfolded. – For real?- For real. So now, this is really
the power of the universethat’s gonna determine who’s
gonna win the most cash today. Alright, so, you already
know you’re first. Put this over your head. – Alright. – Alright John you got this man let’s go. Yo explosive push ups. Yeah, let’s do it. Let’s go, let’s go. This guy’s a beast. 25, there we go a quick $50 right there,this kid is killin’ it. There you go, one set. Whoa. – What the flip?Come on man. – Dude 90 degree
push ups, alright. Yeah, you go lightweight, boy,lightweight, lightweight, you got thiscome on push push push push. oh, should we give him half
the dollar for that one?Nah I’m just kidding,
that’s super tough bro,good job, you killed it. Keep it up man. Don’t peek through that little
hole right there Osvaldo. Yo this man just won $25. You gotta be kidding me man. Yo you gotta go again tho. Yo, so close to L sitting handstand, man. Dips baby, let’s go. Three, four, five, six,
seven, eight, nine,10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15. 29, 30, that’s it?60 bucks. That’s pistol squats,
like right on the corner. Alright Cristi. You know the rules. One rep, $1. 13, 14, 14. Now you earned that. Honestly you earned more
than that bro, you killed it. Pistol squats. Yeah, come on, come on, come on. There ya go. Get it up. Our new superstar, keep it up dog. Full planked push ups. You gotta be kidding me, dog. Woooo. Come on keep that back
straight bro you got this. Alright so that’s basically everybody. That’s the end of the second round. So let’s have a quick recap. Who here has the biggest stack. Look at that, look at that,
look at John,look at John. Damn look at Osvaldo’s, look at Zay’s,damn look at Cristi’s. Oh shoot, oh shoot look at Shawn’s,Shawn making money over here
boy even with the camera on. We’re all making money
that’s what counts guys. Alright so we’re gonna do a sudden death. This is gonna be the last round. So the final challenge is gonna winthe rest of the cash we got here. Whoever can throe the
dart and make it closestto the times two is gonna
win the rest of the cash. damn that’s pretty close. No, No,almost, need it a little
bit closer, slightly closer. Looks like Cristi and Zay were
the closest to the times twoand I think outta them
two Zay is the closest. It’s safe to say the winner is Zay. Woooo. Woooo. Thank you guys so much for watching. I’ll see you guys next Thursday, woooo. It’s gonna be my birthday on Friday. Get ready for the new
music coming through guys. Check out the weight veston CHRISHERIA. com, they just dropped guys. I will see you next Thrusday,
mad love, peace out. Smash that like button guys.


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