Overweight causes many issues to each person differently For some they look older than their actual age. Some people are not able to fit into their desired dressAbove all, overweight causes major health issues as well. I myself struggled with most of these problemsI received a lot of requests from you all to share my weight loss journeyMany asked me about what exercises I followedSo in this video I am going to cover all these matters with you all. I didn’t have the opportunity to go to gym or hire a dietitianWhat I did was to come up with exercises and diet planthat I can easily follow being at home at my convenient time. The exercises I am showing in this video can be easily followed by youat any time, in your comfort by just being at home. All those people who are trying to lose weight can follow my exercise irrespective of their gendereven women who is struggling to lose post delivery weight can also follow my exercisesThis is a simple and effective exercises that you can complete in just 15 minAnd that’s how I got from 71 kg to 58 kgBut this weight loss happened before my pregnancyI recently began with my diet and exercises again as I took a break for almost 10 months post delivery. Now I am around 66 kgsFor 6 months post delivery I was exclusively breastfeeding my son hence I didn’t do any sort of dieting. Once Leo began with solids I slowly started with diet. Although It is not as strict as I did earlier because I am still breastfeeding Leo. It is not recommended to start exercising immediately after delivery hence I am taking my own sweet time to lose weightEarlier I used try out a lot of exercises and diet plans for weight lossbut nothing was effective for me. This is mainly because many of us forget or dont know thatto lose weight you need to follow without fail 3 most important things. Diet, exercise and consistency. Consistency is the ability to carry on without leaving it mid way. Failing to do any of these 3 factors can make weight loss difficult for you. I learned from my mistakes, hence I speak from my personal experienceI have previously done videos onBasics on weight loss and my Diet planto watch that click the ‘I’ button on top screenI am not a medical professionalI am a regular person who came up with some simple exercises that I can easily follow which I am sharing with you all here. And it worked out for me. Mostly it will work out for everyone. But in case anyone of you experience any health issues then consult a doctor first before doing any sort of exercise. So lets beginThis video is designed in such a way that you can workout along with this video. No need to memorize the exercisesAll you need to do, is to watch the video from this portion and just follow. Working out 5 or 6 days a week can bring out positive results in your body. My cousin brother Arun will be demonstrating the exercises in this video. To start with we will do some warm up exercises. Slowly inhale and exhaleSpecial note: While inhaling make sure you suck in your stomach real tight and relax it upon exhalingthis would help in strengthening your core muscles. Do this continuously for 1 minSecond warm up exercise is High Leg RaiseWhile doing this exercise, begin with a small march and gradually increase the height at which you raise your legOne more thing, there is no need to stomp your leg hard on the floor while you marchthis exercise mainly focuses on how high you can raise your legs. Next warm up is toe touchingWhen you do this exercise make sure you do not bend your kneesand try your maximum to touch your toesIf it is not possible, do not get disappointedin the beginning it is quite difficult for everyonedo how much ever you can and try some other day. slowly slowly you will be able to succeed in touching your toes. For now just dont strain yourself Next Torso TwistsMake sure when you twist only move your upper bodythe lower body should remain firm The last warm up exercise is lunges Lets take a break for 30 secondsWarm up exercises are doneWe have now completed 5 warm up exercisesBy just doing the warm up itself will make you feel energizedNow lets begin with full body fat burning cardio exercisesFirstly we will start with Squats Every exercises has its do’s and dont’s . When doing squats make sure you hold your back, shoulders and chest straight. Please note: When you are working out make sure you inhale and exhale all the timeNext exercise is Jumping JacksThis exercise is a full body exercise. Your entire body works out with this simple exercise By now you have burned almost a good amount of calories. Next we will do Slow Burpees Slow burpees is a body strengthening exercise Next we are going to do skippingAll those who have skipping rope you can skip with thatelse you can skip virtuallyover here Arun is skipping virtually Do not forget to inhale and exhaleNext is Jogging in place That must have been hard now lets switch to something simpleNext exercise Passe Rotation Now lets do a full body exerciseThis exercise is similar to Jumping JacksNext exercise Plea Jack Now that’s a lot of jumpingLets do a simple exerciseNext exercise is Standing Bicycle Now we have come to the last fat burning cardio exerciseThis exercise has to be done lying downNext Exercise is Lying down bicycle Excellent . . . . we have now burned a good amount of caloriesWith this workout you have achieved a better bodycompared to what you had 15 min earlierIf any of you couldn’t complete these exercisesDont worry and dont get disheartenedYou tried that itself is a great thingWith few days of practice you will be able to follow the entire exercises along with this videoIf you are experienced with exercises then you can increase the time and workout for an extended period. So all the best and Wishing you a very happy and healthy day ahead.


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